The beauty of the world is best experienced when we travel around it.

We get to witness what Mother Nature has to offer even in places we least expected.

There are some people whose love for new experiences is overwhelming.

Carla Miranda is one of them.

Carla was born into a beautiful family in Puerto Rico as the eldest child of her parents. Growing up as the child of an athlete inspired her interest in sports until it became something she loves and enjoys doing.

She is actively involved in CrossFit and weightlifting, aside from other sporting activities.

Before starting a fitness, travels, and life experience career, she has been working as a Hotelier for twelve years with the responsibility of managing the daily activities. Despite her new career, she never allows her years of experience with a luxury brand in the Hospitality market to be a waste, meaning; she is still relevant in the market. However, the experience promoted her passion for traveling and exploring the world.

Carla loves been outdoor and active. As a person with excellent communication skills, she finds it easy to make new friends wherever she finds herself.

Unlike several people in the same field, Carla possesses fantastic energy and positivity that makes her limitless and uniquely see things. She has achieved a lot, yet she is planning on having a Hospitality Consultancy Company while also working on qualifying for the  Pan Ams Masters in 2020.

Aside from her professional life, she enjoys hiking, meditation, yoga, and cooking. She carries positive energy around her always, and she derives pleasure in helping people the best way she can.

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